Bridging the gap between illness and recovery.

Sanctuary is an educational, recovery day centre for children living with cancer and their families. The environment is a safe space where the parents and family members can either drop their child off and relax in the family pods - while watching over their child from the viewing point, communicate with other parents in similar situations, receive counselling and support from visiting health professionals, or spend their day else where with the knowledge that their child is safe and enjoying themselves during a horrific period in their life. The child will be encouraged to interact with other children, who are also facing cancer and feel less alone in their journey to recovery.

By focusing the design around support for the child - and their family - I have created a contemporary and exciting new ‘end of treatment bridge’ in the middle of the space where children can climb on and play through while battling the disease. The fun education space is filled with the One2One Learning pods where the children can receive individual tutor sessions while they are missing time from school.

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Coming Soon

More work from this project coming soon for viewing.