Melting an industrial past with a present education

Ignite is an inclusive education and exhibition centre for visitors to, and local residents of, the Motherwell area in the West of Scotland. Through fire, tram, sculpture and commemorative exhibition spaces, education studios and casting workshops, visitors will learn of the steelmaking process, in a fun adventurous way, while having a separate space to pay respect to ex steelworkers, who lost their jobs due to the downfall of the industry in 1992.
One of the main attractions within the space being the tram journey, designed to transport visitors from ground level up to the terrace space that overlooks the already redeveloped areas within Ravenscraig. Ignite, would also aim to pass down the knowledge, stories and the heart of Steelworks for many years to follow, by employing those who lost their jobs in the 1992 closure - thus supplying visitors with a direct, resourceful and interactive service that reconnects them with Ravenscraig. 
By respecting the, once thriving, Ravenscraig Steel Factory’s, the redevelopment aims to complement their original presence by using the axis of the buildings to create the redeveloped space. A resin ‘flame line’ connects the exterior turning circles (created for the tram) with the fire and therefore the user to the steel history, just as the trams carried the melted steel to different areas on the steelworks.With education at the fore front of every zone within the centre, there has always been the focus of re-igniting steel and society.





Developing mood boards helped me identify the various objects, finishes, materials and colours within each zone.



Experimentation into shadows and circular forms helped guide me through the zones within Ignite.


Zone Diagram





Through use of Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, I was able to put together the final visuals for Ignite. Initial renders came from Google SketchUp.